PUPlink System Architecture


The PUPlink system is created with a set of robust, well supported high level tools. The result is that it is easy to modify the system to meet the unique business needs of any organization.

All of these tools are free, open source software which reduces the barriers to implementing the system. These tools also provide active support communities to assist with modification.

ODK Collect

Data collection starts with the ODK Collect software platform. This runs on most Android tablets and smartphones. The PUPlink questionnaire is defined in an XForms file which can be easily customized to meet the information and workflow requirements of any organization.

This customization is done using the additional tools, XLSForm and Formhub.

ODK Aggregate

ODK Aggregate is the server companion to ODK Collect. This software stores forms and receives data. ODK Aggregate manages forms and data and can perform some basic data analysis.

Mirth HL7 Interface Engine

The Mirth interface engine offers a comprehensive set of tools for distributing information through a wide variety of channels which are user configurable. In addition to supporting all of the HL7 formats for communicating with EMRs and HIEs, it can send messages to care providers and administrators by email and other Internet and machine to machine communication protocols.

Patient Monitoring

In preventing pressure ulcers, one of the most important issues is to ensure that patients do not spend too much time in one position. We have developed a patient position monitoring system which can alert care providers if position is not changed frequently. This sensor can also measure temperature and other biometrics.


ODK Collect and Aggregate

Mirth HL7 Interface Engine

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